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Factions accuse Fatah of excluding them from Cairo dialogue

February 17, 2014 at 11:14 pm

The dominant group in the Palestinian Liberation Organisation has refused to participate with eight other Palestinian factions in the national dialogue sessions taking place in Cairo.

A press release from the Palestinian Popular Resistance Movement claimed that Fatah’s insistence on excluding eight factions from the meetings to discuss the implementation of the reconciliation agreement raises questions about Fatah’s view of the agreement. The organisation’s reluctance to engage and “take its historic role as a real representative of our people” reinforces division, the statement said.

“At a time when we are optimistic about achieving Palestinian reconciliation, ending this dark phase of Palestinian history and uniting our efforts against the aggressive policies of the Zionist enemy,” it continued, “there are some who are vetoing reconciliation through their attempt to monopolise political decisions.”

The movement announced its withdrawal from the reconciliation meetings, declaring that it considers the exclusion of resistance factions as a reinforcement of division and proof of the lack of sincerity about ending the division.

Palestinian resistance factions, especially Hamas and Islamic Jihad, called for the participation of those resistance groups which have provided martyrs and persevered in the resistance movement.

The Ahrar group stressed its absolute rejection of Fatah’s stance, which it described it as an “irresponsible” position which reflects Fatah’s disdain for the reconciliation and exposes its negative intentions.

Ahrar called on all the factions taking part in the discussions to declare their position on this issue, holding Fatah’s leadership responsible for this position which will be reflected on the ground, keeping Fatah outside the reconciliation circle.