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Gaza naval police excavate archaeological site off the Gaza coast

February 17, 2014 at 1:50 am


The Palestinian naval police have found several ancient archaeological artefacts in the depth of the Mediterranean Sea off the Gaza coast, a spokesman for the Palestinian police in Gaza announced on Wednesday.

Spokesman, Ayman al-Batneeji, told a press conference at the fishing port in Gaza: “The floating force of the naval police pulled out a group of rare archaeological relics, including poles and baked clay, dating back thousands of years.”

Al-Batneeji praised the efforts of the Palestinian naval police which carried out the excavation in addition to its primary duties which are the protection and care of fishermen.

“This is not the first time that the naval police have pulled out archaeological pieces from the sea,” Al-Batneeji said. “Two years ago, they extracted another group of artefacts which also belonged to ages long past.”

In response to a question about the Palestinian naval police’s capabilities with regard to possible future excavations, Al-Batneeji said: “We are prepared for this, but the shortage of appropriate tools and skills hinder our work.” He said that the naval police exert much effort in carrying out such missions.

Al-Batneeji encouraged the naval police to continue its efforts in excavating the Gaza coast and searching out more archaeological pieces, particularly in the shipwreck close to the Gaza beach.