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Hasharon Prison administration detains minors under the hot sun

The administration of Israel’s Hasharon Prison detained minors and their legal representatives for three hours under the hot sun a few days ago. The incident took place after units of Special Forces broke into one of the sections of the prison, searched a room and destroyed its contents without justification.

During the visit of a Palestinian Prisoners’ Club lawyer, he met with the minors’ spokesman, Amjad Mohammed Mahmud Siraj, who was transferred recently from Ofer Prison along with Mohammed Salameh. The two were asked to arrange the minors’ affairs after they threatened to go on hunger strike.

According to Siraj, “The tragic situation in the prison has not changed, and the prison administration did not address the problems and issues of the minors, whose suffering is getting worse by the day due to prison policies.” Only some of the less important requests were dealt with by the prison administration, he added.

The Prisoners’ Club lawyer said that he was informed by the representative of the prison that special units had stormed the section and searched room number one a few days ago. “Apparently, when the room was turned upside down, the prisoners were strip-searched,” he claimed.

Siraj added that the prison administration didn’t stop at such humiliating procedures: “They took the prisoners into the yard and kept them in a crucifixion position in the scorching sun until the end of the search.” Nothing illegal was found inside the room, he insisted, “but they tore off and destroyed the bathroom tiles, ripped the bedding and tampered with the prisoners’ belongings, smashing them deliberately.”

Renewing its demand for the minors’ section at Hasharon to be closed because of the squalid conditions, the Prisoners’ Club asserted that “their continued detention is considered to be a crime by the public authorities”.

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