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Hatred of Israel "is increasing"

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, the Israeli Minister of Industry, has warned that hatred of Israel “is increasing” in the wake of the violence and anger across the Arab world triggered by an anti-Islam film. The movie was made by an Israeli and, it is claimed, was financed by Jews.

Ben-Eliezer predicted greater risk as a result “because the whole Arab world can be dragged behind a wave of anger.” He expressed pessimism for the future of Israel in the light of the developments which resulted in the killing of the American ambassador in Libya.

“The people’s spring has brought to us a more religious, Muslim world that hates Israel and the United States of America more than before,” he said. “We must get used to this situation and accordingly we must move cautiously and create, for ourselves, a way to escape from every confrontation that breaks out in the Arab world.”

Saying that Israel must strengthen its security, the minister added that the country’s borders must be closed as much as possible. “The Muslim Brotherhood, which is now in power in the Arab world, has not changed a word of its principles,” he claimed, “so Israel must keep itself safe.”

Regarding the visit of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to the United States, Ben-Eliezer said: “The upcoming visit of Morsi to Washington next month constitutes a matter of concern for Israel because of the recent events.” He expressed his hope that President Morsi will understand the importance of preserving Egypt’s relationship with the West, because “he has no other option”.