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Iran opposes no-fly-zone over Syria

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry has criticized US plans for a no-fly zone over Syria. Ramin Mehmanparast said, “What’s done by Washington through its allies to destabilise security and safety in the Middle East is severely destructive.”

Official Iranian sources reported Mr Mehmanparast as saying that America has “destabilised, destroyed and killed innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries” and “is intending to do the same in Syria”. According to Mehmanparast, “America is trying to carry out more killing and security chaos against the sons of Syria and the Islamic nations in the region.”

Calling for countries in the Middle East to be more cautious towards American policy, Mr Mehmanparast said: “There is a disastrous conspiracy being prepared by America and its allies to start a confrontation by imposing a no-fly-zone over Syria. That is an alarm call for other countries in the region if they do not implement US-Israeli plans.”

The foreign ministry official called for countries in the region to stand against this action. “You have to know that those who are targeting stability in Syria now will be targeting other countries in the future,” he added.