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Israel dismisses calls to modify Paris Economic Protocol

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said on Monday that Israel would not accept any modification of the Paris Economic Protocol (PEP), Israeli sources have reported.

Speaking on Voice of Israel radio, Ayalon said that the PEP is connected to other political agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinians. It is because the Palestinians have taken certain stances, he claimed, that the agreements were not put in place.

Nor, he insisted, is there room to modify the protocol as long as there is a political impasse and accumulated PA debts owed to Israel for, among other things, electricity and fuel. In addition, alleged Ayalon, the Palestinians are carrying out anti-Israeli campaigns in international organisations. All make it out of the question for changes to be made to the PEP which might be beneficial to the Palestinians.