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Israel puts Marwan Al-Barghouti in solitary confinement

February 17, 2014 at 11:16 pm

The Israeli occupation authorities have isolated Marwan Al-Barghouti for a week in solitary confinement inside Hadarim Prison. The Fatah leader will also be subject to sanctions imposed by the Israelis. Hebrew Radio quoted sources in the Israeli prison administration on Monday, saying that Mr. Al-Barghouti was moved to solitary yesterday and was prevented from using the prison canteen. Fadwa Al-Barghouti said that she is supposed to visit her husband during the next two days, but she doesn’t know if the sanctions include a ban on visits.

The Israelis have imposed these penalties on Al-Barghouti for agreeing to sign a document encouraging people to demonstrate on Land Day and take part in popular resistance against Israel’s occupation. Last week, on the tenth anniversary of his detention, Israeli sources said that Al-Barghouti sent a message calling on the Palestinian Authority to stop all security and economic coordination with Israel.

In the same letter, he demanded that the PA put pressure on Israel to release all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails as a condition for the resumption of peace negotiations. This was in addition to a halt of all settlement construction and recognition of the 1967 borders.