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Israel raids several towns around Hebron, firing tear gas and acoustic bullets

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

A number of Palestinians suffered from the suffocating effects of tear gas on Wednesday when Israeli forces swept into several towns around Hebron and fired gas canisters at local residents.

Witnesses said that a number of Israeli soldiers entered Dora at 3am and clashes with local residents erupted. Israeli troops fired acoustic bullets and tear gas at the crowd. Around 20 Palestinians required first aid; some were taken to hospital for treatment.

In Yatta, meanwhile, Israeli military vehicles prowled the streets for about three hours before leaving. There were no reports of any incidents even though the incursion was a blatant violation of an area governed by the Palestinian Authority. Local community activists said that such actions are done deliberately by the Israelis in order to provoke an angry reaction.

The Israelis confiscated several cars and taxis in Beit Awwa. A number of drivers were fined.

Further north, in Ramallah, twenty Israeli military vehicles and two armoured bulldozers entered the village of Beit Noba in order to demolish the home of Mohammed Al-Qadi. Neighbours said that the Al-Qadi family has 20 members and they will have no place to go when their house is destroyed.

Palestinians protesting at an Israeli incursion in Na’leen near Ramallah were wounded, local medical sources reported. They were named as Ibraheem Soroor and Mohammed Al-Khawaja.