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Israeli authorities move prisoners into solitary confinement in bid to halt hunger strikes

February 17, 2014 at 11:16 pm

Image of a solitary confinement unit [PRODanny Bradury/Flcikr]

A Palestinian human rights organization has reported that the management of the Negev Prison moved 6 Palestinian prisoners into solitary confinement following their announcement that they would embark on open hunger strikes.

The prisoners include Nedal Daghlas, Raed Sarhan, Allam Nassar, Jamil Daraawi, Mohammed Ali Hussein, and Asim Oueisy.

The announcement by the prisoners comes in the context of the “Covenant and Fulfilment” battle, launched a week ago by Palestinian detainees in Israeli prison who are staging mass open hunger strikes.

In a press release issued on Monday, April 23, Ad Dameer Organization for Prisoners and Human Rights stated that the management of the Nafha Prison, where a number of the hunger strike leaders are kept, cut off the electricity and water supply to striking prisoners, and had special units storm into select sections of the prison to inspect them.

The organization highlighted that after Palestinian factions united and agreed to collective action, 400 out of the 600 prisoners at the Nafha prison, most of who are from the Gaza Strip, have joined the open strike.

Ad Dameer’s press release mentioned that the management at the Ashkelon prison also stormed sections of the prison with striking prisoners’ and transferred the detainee, Nasser Abu Hamid, (who represents the prison and is one of the leaders of the hunger strike) to the Eilat solitary confinement facility in Beersheba. 17 other prisoners were transferred from Ashkelon to unknown destinations.