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Jordanian authorities hold Dahlan funds in reserve

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Jordanian sources have reported that the Jordanian judiciary has ordered the seizure of all movable and immovable properties of the former Fatah leader, Mohammed Dahlan.
In its Monday [January 9] edition, the semi-official Jordanian newspaper Al Ra’y quoted a source in the Central Bank of Jordan as saying that the head of general prosecutors in Amman, Judge Mohammed Sourani, had issued a formal letter ordering the precautionary seizure of the movable and immovable properties of Dahlan, his brother and one other unidentified person.

The source explained that the decision to seize Dahlan’s property was taken within the context of the financial corruption charges he is facing in the West Bank. Last June, Fatah’s Central Committee decided to dismiss Dahlan from the movement and referred him to the Attorney General on charges of murder and compromising Palestine’s national and domestic security.
Earlier this month, Jordanian press reports stated that following announcements by the PA’s anti-corruption department of their intentions to investigate accusations of wide scale corruption and embezzlement by former officials, prominent Palestinian figures have smuggled their financial assets out of Jordanian banks.
This comes at a time when the PA is encountering significant difficulty in recovering huge sums from former officials accused of looting public funds and depositing them in private foreign bank accounts.