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Libya urged to confront Israeli aggression

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

A leading member of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Salabi, has urged the Libyan government, the leadership of the General National Congress and all civil society groups in Libya to support the people of Gaza. He called on them to confront Israeli aggression, which he described as “barbaric” and “brutal”.

In a statement to Quds Press, he praised the Libyan authorities’ decision to send representatives of the government and the General National Congress to visit the Gaza Strip in solidarity with the Palestinians. “This should not be the last visit,” he insisted, “but part of a general movement to translate our own revolution into practice elsewhere.” Libya, he said, should put pressure on the international community to bring an end to Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip and give the Palestinians their full rights.

“The government has a positive attitude,” said Dr. Al-Salabi. “Now it must be developed into an active role within the Arab, Islamic and international efforts to support Palestinian rights.”

He pointed out that the people of Libya gained their freedom at the cost of much bloodshed. “There is no doubt that the Libyans are not only qualified to condemn Israel’s barbarism but also to support the Palestinians financially as well as morally.”

Al-Salabi called upon all civil society leaders, sheikhs and scholars in Libya to work on support for the Palestinian resistance to Israel’s occupation of their land. Such a step is not a luxury, he warned, but a humanitarian duty which is both legitimate and necessary.