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Morsi's recall of ambassador praised

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

Egyptian political parties have praised the decision of President Mohammed Morsi to recall Egypt’s ambassador from Tel Aviv, calling it a “good step”.

Former presidential candidate and head of the Strong Egypt Party, Abdul-Min’m Abul-Fotouh, said: “The continuous Israeli aggression against Palestinians is a barbaric escalation.” Using his Twitter account to spread his statement, Abul-Fotouh continued: “Fighting the occupier is a right guaranteed by international conventions and our right is to support resistance and confront the aggression clearly.”


Hamdeen Sabbahi, another former presidential candidate, added that the recall of the ambassador is the first in a bundle of serious steps taken by President Morsi to face the Zionist aggression. He also called for a reassessment of the peace treaty with Israel.


“The Egyptian will has changed and Egypt is no longer a strategic treasure [to Israel] as it was at the time of the previous president,” tweeted Isam al-Iryan, the deputy head of the Justice and Development Party.

A spokesman for the leftist Tajamu Party, Nabeel Zaki, described the decision as “positive” and said,” To complete our national mission is to impose Egyptian sovereignty over all of Sinai. This is the appropriate time for Egypt to put out this issue for discussion.”

He noted that Egypt has to stop Israel from pushing Cairo on decisions over troop numbers or what must be done in Sinai. “There is no power on earth which could blame Egypt when it protects its national soil,” he said.

At the same time, the Secretary General of Al-Karameh Party, Mohammed Salman, said that along with colleagues from other parties and professional groups, notably the Union of Arab Doctors, he will be going to the Arab League for action against the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

“The Israeli offensive against Gaza is an insult to Egypt and its revolution,” said Salman. “The recall of the ambassador should be the first of more serious steps.”