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One hundred thousand Egyptian expats have cast their votes in the election run-off

February 17, 2014 at 11:17 pm

A spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Amr Rushdie, has said that around 100,000 Egyptian expatriates have already cast their votes in the presidential election run-off. Minister Plenipotentiary Rushdie quoted the figures for the close of business on Tuesday, 5 June.

According to Mr. Rushdie, Egyptians living and working in Arab countries represent more than 80 per cent of those entitled to vote at Egyptian embassies and consulates around the world. The Egyptian embassy in Kuwait is top of the list with 27,678 votes cast so far, followed by Riyadh with 16,433 voters; Jeddah has had 14,963 voters, Doha 7,895, Abu Dhabi 5,500, Dubai 5,475 and Muscat 2,021. The busiest consulate in non-Arab countries is in Milan, where 2,012 Egyptian expatriates entitled to vote in the election have already done so.

Rushdie expects there to be a significant increase in the number of voters over the coming days, with weekend voting in Arab countries on Thursday and Friday, and in non-Arab countries on Saturday. The poll will close at 8pm local time in each country on Saturday, 9 June for all votes to be cast in the embassies and consulates.