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Western-backed counter-revolutionaries "trying to abort Arab revolutions"

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

A member of the General Secretariat of the World Federation for Human Rights, Dr. Ali Mohamed Alsalabi, has warned of plots against the popular Arab uprisings which toppled despots in a number of countries. The researcher and commentator on Islam also urged newly-elected politicians in the Arab world and citizens of the new democracies to be vigilant in order to protect the revolutions from “Western-backed ‘apostates’ who want to abort them”. He was referring specifically to recent events in Tunisia and Egypt.

“The Arab revolutions succeeded in overthrowing the tyrannies and dictatorships,” said Alsalabi, “and are in a transitional stage working towards the establishment of the institutions of a democratic, civil and modern state.” It is expected that there will be natural obstacles and difficulties, he added, claiming that some of these have been created by people backed by external forces intent on overturning the revolutions.

“The confrontations in a number of countries of the Arab Spring,” he insisted, “reflect the desire of the ‘apostates’ who don’t want the path to freedom to be smooth.”