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Writer warns of Arab and Western plot to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Arab writer and intellectual Fahmi Howeidi has warned of a plot by internal forces to thwart the Muslim Brotherhood’s political plans for Egypt’s economic crisis. The intention, he claims, is to dent ordinary Egyptians’ confidence in the majority group in the new parliament.

Howeidi made his claims in an article in Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk. He said that information he has received suggests the existence of a group in Egypt which is preparing to form a new party to present itself as the real representatives of the national forces necessary to save the country.

The new party, which is in the process of distributing membership forms, is supported by some Arab and Western countries, claimed Mr. Howeidi. “Meetings are being held and they are preparing for the party to go onto the streets to protest against the Brotherhood.”

The Arab thinker confirmed his belief that the Islamic movement has the skill and experience to pre-empt such a move. “The Brotherhood’s work didn’t stop with the elections,” he said. “It has a mission to complete across all levels of society.” He noted that the Muslim Brotherhood can make a huge contribution to the development of Egypt after decades in the doldrums.