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Another Palestinian village faces total demolition order

For the third time in less than a month, Israeli occupation forces have handed house demolition orders to all the inhabitants of the village of Farseya in occupied Palestine. The head of the municipal council of Al Maleh and Madareb Bedouin area, Aref Daraghma, said that the notices were given to all of the village's inhabitants. Just under a month ago, the Israeli authorities demolished 120 buildings before returning two weeks ago to demolish another six Palestinian homes, as well as those that were rebuilt after the first round of demolitions.

Mr. Daraghema urged international human rights organizations to intervene to prevent "the village of Farseya being wiped off the face of the earth" by the Israeli authorities, which aim to move the Palestinian population from the area prior to seizing their land. This is not the first time that the Israeli occupation authorities have demolished a whole village. Five days ago, they demolished Al-Arakib village in the Negev Desert, even destroying the tents set up by the villagers on the rubble of their houses.

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