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Change and Reform press conference

February 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm


Members of the Change and Reform bloc in the Palestinian parliament held a vigil outside the parliament building in Ramallah on Tuesday, 21st September, in protest against the arrest of the member for Tul Karim, Mr Abdur Rahman Zaydan. The Ramallah controlled security agencies on Monday night raided the home of Zaydan and detained him for several hours. This move was seen as a clear message to the Islamic opposition members of parliament that they had no immunity from the Abbas-Fayad security forces.

The parliamentarians convened a press conference to explain what happened to their colleague. This latest development, they pointed out, is part of an orchestrated campaign of harassment of the Islamic opposition. They emphasised that what happened to their colleague, Zaydan, had however crossed all boundaries and violated all standards and values of Palestinian society. They pledged to continue to pursue their rights through every available legal and humanitarian channel in Palestine and abroad.  They demanded that the Ramallah authority issue an official apology for what happened. The MPs also reaffirmed their commitment to represent the interests of the Palestinian people, in spite of the campaign of harassment waged against them. They declared that the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, will remain rooted in the West Bank, even in the face of the attacks and abuses by the Ramallah authority. On his part, the Speaker of the parliament, Dr Aziz Dweik, apologised to the journalists for holding the press conference in the street, explaining that this was only after they were denied entry into the parliament building.


MEMO Photographer: Ibtehal Mansour