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Google polls users over use of Israel or Palestine to describe occupied territories

Google has conducted an online poll asking its users whether the search engine should label the Occupied Palestinian Territories as "Palestine" or "Israel" on its website and other services. The results of the poll were close: 51.5 percent of the 4,326,000 users who took part chose Palestine, with 48.5 preferring Israel.

Analysis of the relevant web page (www.israel-vs-palestine.com/PS/EN) shows that most of those who voted for the "Israel" label come from the Zionist state itself, the US and Canada. Votes for Google to use "Palestine" came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Online Arab activists campaigned for votes in support of Palestine and an end to the use of "Israel" to describe the Occupied Palestinian Territories on the Internet as they consider this to be "a distortion of history and the facts".


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