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Government calls on the Arab League to push for an end to the siege of Gaza

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

The Foreign Ministry in Gaza has called on the international community to live up to its responsibility to protect the Palestinian people, and “not to remain silent about what’s going on in the Gaza Strip”.

A spokesman for the ministry said that the media has revealed the extent of Israel’s aggression despite the Zionist state’s efforts to create a media blackout of their attacks on Gaza while the momentous events around the region are taking place.

“The government led by Ismail Haniyeh and its Foreign Ministry have, from the first attack on Gaza, acted to reveal Israeli brutality to the world,” said the spokesperson. “We are seeking to create high-level political action to stop this escalation of violence and the Israeli war machine which is intent on shedding Palestinian blood.”

The government expressed its condolences for those who were martyred in the past days at the hands of the Israeli occupation authorities; it also hopes for a speedy recovery for the wounded. Adding that Mr. Haniyeh and his government value the stances taken by those who act to protect the Palestinian people and end Israeli aggression, the spokesperson said that this included the role taken by the Egyptian government in stopping the Israeli attacks and restoring calm to the Gaza Strip.

“What is taking place in Gaza needs more than condemnation. We call on the Arab League to create as a matter of urgency the mechanisms to end the siege and stop all kinds of aggression against our people in the Strip and the West Bank.”

According to the Foreign Ministry in Gaza, Israel should be called to account for targeting civilians, aid workers and medical personnel, and for using banned munitions such as white phosphorus again, just as it did during so-called Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9.