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Israel "arrests 3 students from Al-Najah National University"

February 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Reports from Solidarity International Foundation for Human Rights claim that Israel carried out three dawn arrests on 21st October. The human rights body says that Israeli forces stormed a number of homes in the city of Nablus before arresting three students from Al-Najah National University. Those arrested were Ibrahim al-Tayeb Nawaf al-Amir, 22, studying at the Faculty of Law; Fakhri Naim Abu Zahra, 23, Faculty of Engineering; and Ubada Annan Ghazal, 23, also in the Faculty of Engineering.

Nawaf al-Amir’s father told Solidarity International that Israeli troops stormed his house at dawn in the village of Kafr Qalil and took his blindfolded and handcuffed son to the Petah Tikva detention centre. Ubada Ghazal was taken to the same detention facility, whereas Mr. Abu Zahra was taken to the Hiwara detention centre. All three students are approaching their graduation day.

A researcher at Solidarity International said that Israel has escalated its campaign to target, abduct and detain students from Al-Najah National University. Ahmed al-Beitawi pointed out that in addition to those mentioned above, five other students from Nablus and all nearing graduation have been arrested, bringing the total number of student detainees this month to eight.

This situation has had a significant impact on the Palestinian people. According to Mr. Al-Beitawi, university students, especially those on the brink of graduation, suffer badly from their detention experience. The abrupt interruption to their academic year is reflected in their academic attainment. Moreover, by the time some students secure their release from prison, the academic syllabus may have changed, which extends the period of their studies way beyond the normal four or five years.

Mr. Al-Beitawi added that there are students who have been enrolled at university since 1998 who are yet to graduate as a result of being arrested repeatedly or being detained for many years.