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Israel cuts electricity to the Negev desert prison as temperatures soar

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

The Ahrar Centre for Prisoners’ Studies and Human Rights has stated that the Israeli Prisons Service has cut power to the tents and cement rooms of the Negev desert prison.
The Centre considered the Israeli measure a new ‘crime’ aimed at making things more difficult for the prisoners and killing them. It noted that the Israeli Prisons Service has stepped up its stifling measures against prisoners with no regard for their health conditions, or even for the arrival of Ramadan.

The prisoners have made a plea for help, calling on all conscientious people the world over to save them from the high temperatures and the slow death programme that the Prison Service is adopting against them under the official supervision of the Israeli government.
The Ahrar Centre stressed that the Israeli government’s actions violate international law and conventions. It called for pressure to be put on Israel so as to bring an end to its brutal measures against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. It also called for Israel to at least show respect for the month of Ramadan; a religious occasion respected by all democracies across the world except for Israel.
The Centre called on the Red Cross, the international community, and all human rights organizations to take action to save those being subjected to “slow death” in Israeli prisons, and to find a speedy solution to the tragedy facing prisoners.