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Israeli rabbis call for creation of 'death camps' for Palestinians

A magazine issued by religious Zionists in Israel called for the creation of 'death camps' for Palestinians.

In a report Saturday, Israeli news site Ynet brought to attention a weekly magazine, distributed in synagogues across Israel, which published a religious decree. The diktat, signed by major rabbis, called for the creation of such death camps, citing religious duty.

The magazine indicated that the creation of these camps would be the duty of all devote Jews.

The 'fatwa' strongly criticised rabbis in opposition, arguing that Palestinians are the 'giants' –perhaps a reference to the Biblical Goliath — whom God ordered the Israelites to slaughter 2000 years ago — children, women, elders and even cattle.

The rabbis claimed that the Torah compels the Jews to erase all trace of this age's giants, referring to the Palestinians.

Even the rabbis that did not sign the fatwa support it in essence, they insisted.

Israeli thinker UdiAloni explained that the call for the elimination of the Palestinians — in such a widespread and public way, notably in synagogues — arises from a collective acceptance that this is a pragmatic approach.

Aloni was shocked no one objected to the rabbis who signed the fatwa, saying that "no one attempted to object, and no one thought of excommunicating these rabbis from the Israeli nation", according to the Ynet report.

Source: http://english.ahram.org.eg/

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