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Livni blames Netanyahu for leading Israelis to unprecedented isolation

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni has launched a scathing attack against her country’s Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu, claims Livni, is responsible for the unprecedented isolation that the Zionist state is experiencing.

In statements to the media Ms Livni accused the Israeli government of avoiding its responsibilities to the extent that the “international community is gathering against Israel [and] there’s nothing we can do”. She warned of the potential for a historic tragedy as a result of Netanyahu’s policies: “The government is leading its people to a tragedy such as that which befell the Jewish revolutionaries at Masada in the second century,” she said.

The ex-Foreign Minister urged Netanyahu to push the peace process in the region forward and try to improve relations with both Egypt and Turkey. “Extremist elements,” she said, are trying to exploit the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the purpose of “inflaming tensions, in light of the state of weakness and isolation that Tel Aviv is going through”.

Likud MP Ofir Akunis commented on Livni’s remarks: “These statements show that the opposition leader is not suited to hold official positions in Israel.” Such accusations, he added, “have nothing to do with reality”.