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Netanyahu "trying to justify Israeli aggression by exaggerating Palestinian capabilities"

February 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

In a rare example of Middle East honesty about military capability, the military wing of Hamas has suggested that Benjamin Netanyahu is exaggerating the weaponry available to the resistance movement in an effort to justify Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza. According to the Israeli Prime Minister, the Qassem Brigades possess anti-aircraft missiles which make it difficult for his air force to fly near the Gaza Strip.

A spokesman for the resistance movement, Abu Obeida, declined to comment on what Mr. Netanyahu said, preferring instead to “let the passage of time be the judge on the performance of resistance fighters against Zionist aggression”. He added, “It is the resistance movement’s legal right to possess and use any weapons to struggle against the illegal Zionist occupation of our country… it is our duty to defend our land and people by all available means.”

Abu Obaida stressed that any aggression or attack planned by the Israeli Occupation authorities against the Gaza Strip’s civilians will not be easy, and that the Qassem Brigades will respond with whatever power they have.