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Palestinian female prisoners threaten protest against violations

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

A report released by the Palestinian Ministry for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners has stated that the Israeli Occupation authorities have renewed the administrative detention of Hanaa Yahia Saber El Shalabi, a female prisoner from Jenin, for the fourth consecutive time.
The ministry’s lawyer, Sherin Eraqi, who has visited the prisoner, said the Israeli intelligence had issued an order to renew Shalabi’s detention, despite no charges being brought against her and without any legal justification. The intelligence services allege the existence of a secret dossier on the prisoner.

Hanaa El Shalabi was administratively detained on September 14th 2009 and her detention has been renewed several times.
Three Palestinian women are currently held under administrative detention in Israeli prisons: Hanaa Shalabi, Kifah Awni Katash, and Aliaa El Gaabari, who is a resident of Hebron and was recently arrested.
Female prisoners in the Sharon and Damun prisons have stated that they will take steps throughout the coming month to protest against the violation of their rights and human dignity by the prisons’ administration.
The prisoners said that they had presented a number of demands to the prison’s administration, including;

1. That medical care be provided for sick prisoners such as the female prisoner Wafaa El Bass who is suffering from burns.
2. That women prisoners whose husbands are in prison be allowed to meet their husbands.
3. That prisoners be allowed access to university education. 
4. That books, shoes and clothes for prisoners be allowed to be brought into prisons by their families.
5. That the policy of banning certain inmates from receiving family visits be ended.
6. That the policy of impromptu prisoner cell searches be ended.