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Palestinian government in Gaza "keen on strategic relationship" with Egypt

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

The spokesman for the Palestinian Authority in Gaza has said that his government is keen on having strong ties with Egypt. Taher El-Nunu described the relationship as “strategic”.

During a meeting in Cairo with Bahaa El Dissouki, the director of the Palestine Section at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Mr El Nunu said that the Palestinian government trusts Egypt’s ability to deal with the national reconciliation issue. He added that there is a genuine will to reconcile all Palestinian factions in order “to strengthen the internal consensus, restore the weight of the national issue, and represent the Palestinian entity in its entirety”.

El Nunu highlighted the importance of taking the necessary steps to guarantee the opening of the Rafah border crossing, which he described as “Gaza’s only lifeline, connecting it with the outside world through Egypt.” He expressed his wish for prompt action by Egypt to ease the burden on the Palestinians.

In response, Mr El Dissouki said that Egypt is “keen to see successful Palestinian reconciliation, and the restoration of Palestinian unity and strength”. Egypt will hold on to this position, El Dissouki stressed, “and will continue to support Palestinian issues and rights under all circumstances, and in all international organisations”.

With regards to the Rafah border crossing, Mr El Dissouki said that Cairo is “studying and discussing, with all responsible entities in Egypt, ways to make matters easier for the people of Gaza at the border crossing, in a way that will not benefit the Israelis but will relieve the suffering of the Palestinians.” He added that it won’t be too long before these measures are in place even though they are related to several other factors under consideration.