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Palestinians are watching Egypt intently

February 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm


Look into any shop or restaurant in the Gaza Strip and you will be met by the same scene: Palestinians watching TV in awe as events unfold in Egypt. This is more than just a sudden interest in foreign affairs. The relationship between Egypt and Gaza is complicated, with many Palestinian lives affected by political decisions made in Cairo.

The tunnels along the Rafah border with Egypt serve as one of the main lifelines to the Strip, currently entering its fifth year under siege. The Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing has been closed temporarily as the Egyptian people continue to protest and call for the end of the Mubarak regime. Apart from concern for their Arab brothers in Egypt, the Palestinians in Gaza have also expressed concerns over what the border closure will mean for their survival. Due to the inadequate level of supplies the Israeli occupation forces allow into Gaza, Palestinians rely heavily on the tunnels for essential goods, fuel and medicines.

The Ministry of Finance in Gaza City has tried to reassure its citizens that the market in Gaza is adequate for the time being and that there is no need to worry. A change in Egypt’s government is bound to have an effect on the current situation in Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip. Hence, all eyes in Palestine are tuned in to local TV news, as the people wait with baited breath for that change to come.


MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad