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Relatives of political detainees on hunger strike organise solidarity protest

February 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm

The relatives of political detainees who are on hunger strike in Jericho Prison have organised a protest in front of the Hebron Red Cross headquarters. Islamic deputies and the head of the Palestinian Legislative Council also participated in the protest.

In a statement released by a committee of the relatives, they expressed a deep and prevailing sense of anxiety and concern for the well-being of those being detained; they also highlighted the extent of the repressive measures being carried out against their loved ones by the Authority’s security forces in violation of their rights.

The committee’s statement said, “In a step which clearly indicates the magnitude of the violations being perpetrated against our sons, the Authority’s security forces have undertaken to separate and transfer these six political detainees on hunger strike to different prisons in various parts of the West Bank. Majd Abid has been transferred to Juneid Prison in Nablus; Ahmed al-Ouweiwi to the Intelligence Prison in Qalqiliya; Muhaned Neiroukh to the Intelligence Prison in Jenin; Wael al-Bitar to the Intelligence Prison in Tulkram and Mohammad Suquiyeh to the Intelligence Prison in Bethlehem; Wisam al-Qawasimi will be left at the Jericho Prison.”

The relatives stressed that the six political detainees are continuing their hunger strike until they secure their rights and their immediate release, despite all attempts to dissuade them from taking this potentially fatal stance. It was also revealed that the health situation of the six detainees is deteriorating; in particular, Muhaned Neiroukh, who is still in Jenin Hospital, is in a critical and dangerous condition.

The statement by saying, “The continued intransigence of the Authority’s security forces and the refusal to release our sons will force us and our sons to take harsh new steps until our demands are met.”