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Dubai “will issue a warrant for the arrest of Netanyahu”

February 27, 2014 at 11:35 pm

The Chief of the Dubai Police Department, Dahi Khalfan, has said that a warrant will be issued for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if it is proven that the Israeli authorities were responsible for the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmood Al-Mabhouh in the Emirate recently. It has been suspected, but not admitted by Israel, that agents belonging to its spy agency Mossad carried out the murder. According to reports on Israeli radio, Khalfan said that Netanyahu would be at the top of the wanted list as he would have been one of the signatories authorising the operation, which was carried out in a typical Mossad style.

Khalfan warned international secret services about working covertly in the Emirate without the knowledge of the Dubai government. He added that this warning is directed at any and all such agencies, no matter which country they belong to. Investigations by Khalfan’s officers assured him that Al-Mabhouh was in Dubai for business purposes and not for any weapon smuggling operation. The police chief refused to make any comment regarding possible suspects for the killing and played down statements made by Hamas that those responsible entered Dubai with Israeli Minister Uzi Landau during his recent visit.