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Biggest US-Israeli air exercises begin

February 28, 2014 at 10:54 am

Israel’s army, its U.S. counterpart and the Agency for anti-missile defense of the U.S. Department of Defense “Pentagon” started yesterday, Wednesday Oct. 21, a joint exercise of air defense, which was described by Jewish media sources as “the largest of its kind in Israel since the strategic cooperation between the two armies had begun.”

According to a high-profile Israeli military source the manoeuvre, which is continuing for two weeks, will test scenarios of possible attacks on Israel from different sides; literally Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. The source also mentioned that this manoeuvre is the fifth of its kind as a similar one is carried out every two years.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers are participating in this manoeuvre as well as 1,500 American soldiers and 17 US warships equipped with the most developed radar systems and anti-ballistic missile systems.

Hebrew newspapers mentioned that the Israeli officials have sent letters to its neighbouring states, including Syria and Iran, notifying them that the manoeuvre, codenamed Juniper Cobra, is merely “a regular defensive manoeuvre with no offensive aim.”

The Yedioth Ahronot newspaper, on Wednesday, said thousands of American soldiers, who are coming mainly from Stuttgart American military base in Germany, arrived in Israel and were gathered in Negev area during the manoeuvre.

Source: Quds Press