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"Miles of Smiles" convoy enter Gaza after one month of delay in Egypt

February 28, 2014 at 12:23 am

Quds Press correspondent reported that “Miles of Smiles” convoy was eventually able to enter Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing. The convoy’s trucks, which exceeded one hundred, entered Gaza on Wednesday night, after an exhausting journey that lasted for more than a month due to the “unattainable conditions” imposed by the Egyptian authorities which prevented them from getting on the scheduled date, according to the convoy organizers.

Dr Issam Yusuf, the convoy’s coordinator, expressed his happiness after reaching Gaza saying that “we’ve come to draw a smile on the faces of Gazan children and those who have been assaulted in an attempt to tell them that life is waiting for you and that you have a noble goal to achieve.”

He pointed out that “the convoy came from nine European countries bringing 102 cars designed specifically for people with special needs, 270 wheelchairs, a mobile medical operations room, and some medicines.” Yusuf stressed that this “a little thing that we consider an apology to God.”

The de facto Government of National Unity has welcomed the European convoy members. Moreover, Dr. Ahmed Al Kurd, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs,  said in a press conference with members of the convoy: “Those people cut down thousands of miles away, as the journey began more than a month ago, for reaching the Gaza Strip to restore the smile and joy of Gaza’s children, women, elderly and disable persons.”

“In fact, the convoy deserved its name, Miles of Smiles, as it was launched from Europe to arrive at this moment carrying many humanitarian messages embodied in its humanitarian aid; especially for people with special needs who have been injured by the unjust Zionist war on the Gaza Strip, leaving hundreds of children, women, and elderly persons with disabilities,” Al Kurd added.

He pointed out that the convoy came with some utilities and electric vehicles to ease what they are suffering from and draw their smiles adding that the convoy also carries a moral message to send to the entire world: “Stop the siege that has been imposed on 1.5 million Palestinians for the past three years and its attendant devastating war.”