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Jordan's Islamists warn of the impending war against Gaza

March 8, 2014 at 4:27 pm

The Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan condemned on Monday the increasing Israeli aggressions against the Gaza Strip, as well as the Egyptian media propaganda campaign against the Islamic movement Hamas, which controls the Strip.

In a statement, the IAF warned that the Israelis are preparing to “set the scene for launching a massive attack on the Strip”.

Over the last ten days, Israel has stepped up its military campaign against Gaza, carrying out multiple airstrikes that have wounded many, including a woman and several children.

The IAF statement continued: “The indicators that suggest there will be a regional and international Zionist aggression on Gaza are increasing,” and stressed that the goal is to eliminate Hamas, the party that came to power through transparent democratic elections.

According to the IAF, the continuous Israeli aggression against Gaza and the Egyptian media propaganda campaign against Hamas are both aimed at undermining the will of the Palestinians who stick to their rights, and are part of a “mass conspiracy against the Palestinian cause”.

The IAF expressed its support for Palestinian rights, including the right to resist the Israeli occupation. The Islamist party also condemned the Palestinian and Arabic sides taking part in the conspiracy against Palestine.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian local news agency Shehab is reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has renewed his threats against the Gaza Strip.

During a joint press conference on Tuesday with the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Netanyahu threatened that: “If Hamas and terrorist organisations in Gaza have forgotten the previous lesson, they will learn it again the hard way and very soon.”