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Jordan indicates that Israeli gas is the only alternative

It appears that Israeli gas will be the most likely alternative supply for large Jordanian institutions, including the mining and energy companies, in the coming phase.

Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Nsor has announced that Albotas, one of Jordan’s leading companies, had already obtained the necessary approval to import gas from Israel in order to run its giant factories.

The company has not announced the full details yet, but Rai Al-Youm news site learned that the amount of Israeli gas that will be imported to Jordan is supposed to replace what Egypt had been supplying, which has not been pumped at all for five months.

Moreover, the Jordanian company has made this decision in light of Qatar ‘s determination to reject any deal to cooperate with Jordan in the field of gas, which is considered by some officials as a political decision from Doha that is affected by the negative bilateral relations, forcing Jordan to depend on the Israeli gas.

As for Albotas, it is supposed to get the Israeli gas at no more than six and a half dollars per thermal unit, with a percentage increase linked to supply and demand in the market.

According to political sources, the Israeli gas has become a mandatory supply route after the Egyptian government refused to secure the needs of Jordan, and Qatar refused to cooperate, leaving Amman to search for an alternative, represented today by a US company that invests in Palestinian gas on behalf of the State of Israel.

Al-Nsor has said that energy expenses constitute the main pressure on the Jordanian state’s budget.

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