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Saudi writer accuses UAE of plotting with Israel to ignite civil war in Egypt

Saudi columnist Muhanna Al-Habil has launched a strong attack on the UAE and its policies regarding Egypt. The writer accused the Emirates of setting up an axis in the Gulf in cooperation with Israel to kill Muslim Brotherhood members and ignite civil war in Egypt.

In an article published on Friday by aljazeera.net, Al-Habil said: "The UAE, the head of the Gulf axis and bridge of cooperation with Tel-Aviv, has called for the killing of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the streets or at their homes. This affirms the existence of this axis and reiterates the view of its supporters and funders. The call was launched by activists affiliate to the regime in Abu-Dhabi."

According to Al-Habil this not only demonstrates the "foolishness" of the call, which was made on Twitter, "It will also be documented for historical and legal purposes to be used against Abu-Dhabi."

Al-Habil expressed his belief that the axis of the UAE with other Gulf States aims to ignite civil war in Egypt. "They encourage more killings against the opposition [in Egypt] to push them give up peaceful means of protest," he insisted. "No one can control a civil war. Gulf money and Israeli support may be able to start one, but they can't stop it."

The UAE security services used Twitter to call for even more deaths and destruction during the commemoration of the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution in Egypt. Ahmed Al-Mazro'e, known for his close links with the security services in the Emirates, called for Muslim Brotherhood members to be slaughtered along with all who took part in the revolution.

"The Egyptian people have to rise and kill Brotherhood members," he ranted. "We will see the gallows set up in all Egyptian squares and we will see the sheep of the [movement's] Supreme Guide hanged on them."

Pakistani-born Majed Al-Ra'eesi, who holds a UAE passport, tweeted: "MB members do not deserve food offered inside jails; there are other people who deserve this blessing. MB members have to be killed or buried alive if possible."

Twitter users around the Gulf expressed their anger at the tweets and used them as a means to attack the Crown Prince of the UAE, whom they see as the real ruler of the country.

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