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Settlers perform religious rituals in "Yusuf’s tomb"

A large number of illegal Jewish settlers entered the occupied West Bank city of Nablus under heavy military guard on Tuesday night and performed religious rituals in a tomb which they claim is that of Prophet Yusuf, Turkey’s Anadolu news agency has reported.

Witnesses said that Palestinian youth hurled stones at the settlers during the incursion. The Israeli occupation army, which was protecting the settlers, responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. Many of the young people were injured and required first aid at the scene.

Jews claim that the remains of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) were brought from Egypt and buried in the tomb east of Nablus. Palestinians and historians, however, insist that it is the tomb of a Muslim scholar called Yusuf Dweekat. Archaeologists have confirmed that the tomb is not old enough to support the claim that it is Prophet Yusuf’s, dating it back just a few hundred years.

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