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Fatah insists on Palestinian state based on 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital

March 15, 2014 at 4:03 pm

Fatah’s Central Committee denied on Monday any solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict without East Jerusalem as a capital for the Palestinian state.

The Central Committee, convened in Ramallah and headed by its chairman Mahmoud Abbas, issued a statement reiterating the Palestinian principles and denying any agreement that undermines these principles.

“On the top of the principles is the right of return,” the statement said, “the right of self-determination and the establishment of the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

The statement praised the popular resistance such as that currently taking place in the Hajleh neighbourhood in the Jordan Valley. “We believe in the high significance of popular resistance,” the statement said.

Commenting on the visit of the Committee’s member Jebreel Al-Rajoub to Tehran last week, Fatah said: “It comes in line with maintaining international relations in favour of the high interests of our people and the Palestinian cause.”

In the meantime, the statement accused Hamas of “manoeuvring” regarding the good-will steps taken recently ahead of a national reconciliation. Fatah has always accused Hamas of refusing to sit with it because it is implementing Tehran’s orders.

On the issue of the Palestinian refugees in Syria, the statement hailed their “persistence” and affirmed that the Palestinians do not interfere in the internal affairs of Syria or any Arab country.

It called for distancing the refugees from any internal conflict and insisted that they are “temporary guests in the countries they are living in and they are waiting for the time to return back to their home”.

Regarding the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails, the Committee affirmed that the issue of the prisoners is still “central” to the Palestinian agenda. The statement said the Committee is doing its best to reach an “honourable” solution for their issue.

It said the Israeli occupation is still committed to the prisoners’ release deal, which was announced by Israel when peace talks resumed last year. Israel released prisoners in three batches and the fourth batch is due next month.

Commenting on its organisational affairs, Fatah said it is mobilising its members in order to reorder its records and rearrange its organisational hierarchy inside the occupied territories, including the Gaza Strip and abroad.

At the same time, Fatah distanced itself from a group of members who claim they have been carrying out social activities in the Gaza Strip under the name of “Solidarity Committee”. It said no activity is carried out without the knowledge of or in coordination with the leadership of the movement.