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The execution of the judiciary system in Egypt

The judges, who passed death sentences upon 529 Egyptian citizens in the case of the murdered police officer, passed the death sentence upon the whole Egyptian judiciary system, the same system which coup leaders and their supporters labelled as a "distinguished judiciary".

On the other hand, the majority of the Egyptian people see the judiciary system as having reached its final resting place and have bade their farewells on its demised corpse. This is an unprecedented level of ruthless immorality which the judiciary system has reached.

The system, which has been a tool in the hands of the commander of the coup, striking his political opponents after failing to quash them using security forces during the continued people's revolution despite the massacres, over 4,000 Egyptian citizens have been killed so far, and imprisonments which have surpassed 22,000.

These brave Egyptians suffered their fate for refusing to accept the military coup and resisted it peacefully with bare chests in the streets and squares, not fearing death and not intimidated by the brutal security forces. This has generated a level of hysteria amongst coup leaders, causing them to lose their senses and driving them to an irrational craze, wanting to burn the country with all it encompasses so it remains the only power in Egypt, even at the cost of all Egyptians!

The coup leaders are attempting to ignite the situation in Egypt, to fuel the youth and to provoke them to take up arms, and push the country into a civil war like in Syria, leading Egypt into a scene similar to Algeria's bloody decade.

Indeed Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union, met with the Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance after the bloody coup and warned them that either they accept the new roadmap or they may face a scene similar to the one in Algeria. Ashton knows that they won't accept the new roadmap, so it appears that they want to apply the Algerian and Syrian model on Egypt and Al-Sisi is to implement this model.

Al-Sisi, who allegedly does not speak falsely, had supposedly launched this bloody coup to prevent Egypt from falling into a civil war. The truth, which is as blatant and clear as the sun, can only be seen by those that are truly interested in the truth. I say this as there are many who prefer to live in a coma under the influence of the poisonous media which has completely destroyed their minds, leaving them mindless without the ability to think or understand!

Thankfully, the youth and anti-coup leaders are well aware of what the coup leaders and orchestrators want to push them to and are thus refusing to take up arms and refusing to let the country get dragged into a civil war. Naturally, the heaviest force in a civil war would be the army and all its military arsenals!

The general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr Mohammed Badie, said: "Our peacefulness is stronger than their bullets," so they murdered his son Ammar to prove his theory wrong and that the bullet is stronger and that force will always lead.

But we will prove to them that truth and righteousness is above force, and that this truth that lies in the hands of the revolutionists provides them with a deep strength from God Almighty making them face bullets with their bare chest, and increases their faith and belief in victory, whilst they are the ones scared, hiding in their tanks or behind barriers and masks.

The coup leadership, in its sheer stupidity, has, through this latest order, accelerated the demise of the coup and awakened many people from their comatose state. Stupidity is one of God's soldiers. The coup leaders don't seem to realise: "And none can know the forces of thy Lord, except He" (Qur'an 74:31).

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