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Libyan and Tunisian security inseparable, says Marzouki

April 5, 2014 at 4:53 pm

Tunisian interim president Moncef Marzouki has reiterated his country’s support for Libya, hours after the Libyan Prime Minister denied a coup d’état in Libya.

In a phone call with the president of the Libyan National Congress (LNC) Nouri Abu Sahmein, Marzouki asserted Tunisia’s support for Libya’s democratic path.

He reaffirmed Tunisia’s support for the legislative authority represented by the LNC and its government, which the Libyan people chose to be their representatives.

“Libyan and Tunisian security is inseparable,” Marzouki said.

Abu Sahmein reassured Marzouki that the situation in Libya is stable and that the democratic path is proceeding as approved by the people.

He confirmed that rumors of a coup in Libya are completely false, and that the revolutionaries, the army and the people would not accept any coup after the February 17 revolution and what it achieved for Libyans.

On Friday, the president of LNC and supreme leader of the armed forces Nouri Abu Sahmein said in a televised speech that the national intelligence agency and military police had been ordered ti arrest all officers who publicly took political stances, attended political events, or secretly met with politicians.

Abu Sahmein indicated that the retired general Khaleefa Haftar, who announced his control of army units on Friday, tops the list of wanted officers. He said that Haftar “does not represent anything in the military. Yet he alleged carrying out a coup, although he has no official title in the army and had retired a while ago.”