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Israeli official calls for Ukrainian Jews to be brought to Israel

Jews in the Ukraine should be brought to Israel as soon as possible, Israeli Minister of the Knesset Rina Frenkel said in a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today, Israeli media reported.

According to the Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post, Frenkel, who once lived in Kiev and is a member of the There is a Future Party, lobbied for "a formulated, budgeted government plan to bring the Jews of Ukraine to Israel."

She warned that the situation in Ukraine may turn into a civil war and that "anti-Semitism" is on the rise.

"Incitement is growing stronger," she wrote, "newspapers and digital media mention 'Jewish conspiracies' every morning, anti-Semitic caricatures appear and in January, words turned into actions."

Frenkel said she felt a responsibility to get involved to protect the Jewish community in Ukraine.

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