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Libyan oil production falls due to protests

Libya’s oil production has fallen to 390 thousand barrels per day as protestors partly stopped production at Al-Sharar oil fields; Libya’s National Oil Corporation spokesperson Mohammad Al-Harari said.

On Wednesday, the Zintan tribesmen partly stopped the flow of Al-Sharara oil field; 400 kilometres south of the capital Tripoli which normally produces up to 327 thousand barrels per day, in protest of the National Congress’ decision to renew its mandate.

Libya announced on Thursday that oil production fell to 460 thousand barrels per day after the oil field was closed for one day compared with 566.9 thousand barrels recorded on Tuesday. Protesters and gunmen have been controlling three oil fields in eastern Libya since August which reduces Libya’s export capacity to some 600 thousand barrels per day.

The tribesmen demand greater autonomy and a greater share of the oil wealth. The government’s talks with the tribesmen have reached an impasse leading the government to warn that it may resort to the use of force to end the protest which cost Libya more than seven billion dollars.

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