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13 heads of state to attend Arab Summit

Thirteen heads of state confirmed their attendance of the Arab Summit to be hosted by Kuwait on March 25-26, Kuwait's Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah said yesterday.

Al-Sabah said in a statement: "This high representation affirms the success of the theme of the summit that solidarity is the means for a better future."

The Arab League praised Kuwait's preparations to host the Arab Summit.

Arab League Assistant Secretary-General for Financial and Administrative Affairs Ambassador Adnan Issa Al-Khudayr said in a statement yesterday: "Kuwait has made great efforts to prepare for the summit and guarantee its success."

Al-Khudayr pointed out that Kuwaiti officials preparing for the summit conducted several meetings with the League's Coordinating Committee to provide the appropriate atmosphere to ensure the summit's success and the delegations' comfort.

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