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Hamas calls on Abbas and Dahlan to refrain from revealing secrets serving Israel

A senior member of the Islamic Resistance movement Hamas, Mousa Abu Marzouk, has called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and former Fatah leader Mohamed Dahlan to refrain from exchanging accusations that serve only the Israeli interests.

Abu Marzouk said yesterday that Hamas “distances itself” from Fatah’s internal quarrels as the dispute between Abbas and Dahlan continues to escalate.

“Hamas distances itself from the bickering between Abbas and Dahlan; although [the resistance movement] is a common denominator between both parties,” Abu Marzouk posted on his Facebook account.

Abu Marzouk pointed out that the accusations being exchanged between both parties prove Hamas’s theory that some of Fatah’s leaders are responsible for the Palestinian internal division and have plotted to target the leaders and cadres of Hamas.

Abu Marzouk stressed that the open altercation between the two sides harms the Palestinian cause and splits the movement.

“Despite the party’s internal differences with Hamas and other Palestinian factions, the effort must be made so Fatah can unite and reconcile with the other Palestinian groups. Fatah continues to be the backbone of the PLO, which leads the Palestinian Authority and represents Arabs in the international arena,” he said.

Abu Marzouk called upon both parties “for Palestine’s sake to stop revealing your secrets that served and serve Israel’s interests. Do not divert attention away from Israel’s responsibility for the assassination of Yasser Arafat over to Mohammed Dahlan or to Mahmoud Abbas.”

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