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Hamdeen Sabahi: Al-Sisi responsible for mistakes of transitional government

Hamdeen Sabahi, founder of the Egyptian Popular Current and a potential presidential candidate, said that he would pull out of the race if there are obstacles hindering his election campaign, expressing his desire to enforce integrity on the elections and stressing that he “will not accept the state’s bias towards a particular candidate”.

In an interview with the CBC television programme “Momken” on Thursday evening, Sabahi explained that, “the next president must meet the needs of the Egyptian citizen and my vision is not linked just to my presidential candidacy.” He added that, “The transitional government committed a political mistake by breaking the 30 June alliance, as the youth of the revolution are now in prison while Mubarak’s remnants are continuing their corruption.”

He stressed that: “The transitional government made a mistake in terms of security and freedoms, and Field Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, as Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt, has a definite role in making these decisions.” Thus, “the transitional government has a duty to transfer accountability to its members, especially those responsible for the security file.”

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