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Lieberman: The Arab world knows its enemies are not Zionists but jihadists

Tel Aviv hopes to cooperate with moderate Arab states, especially the Gulf states and Egypt, Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, said.

In comments quoted by Israeli media Lieberman said: “We, as Israelis, were able to overcome our differences and signed a peace treaty with Egypt and Jordan when there was a bold and courageous leadership.”

He indicated that “moderate Arab states realise today that their enemies are not the Zionists but the jihadists who receive support and help from Iran. Today, in the Gulf states and in Egypt there is a realisation of the opportunity to collaborate with Israel. This state has the money and space and we have science and technology. Together, we can build a new reality.”

Israel’s Channel 7 reported that an Israeli soldier was wounded on the Egyptian border during an attempt to prevent a smuggling operation after his military jeep faced fire launched from within Egypt. They added that the fire blew the windshield of the car; the flying shrapnel killed the soldier driving the vehicle.

They said that the incident is part of a series of incidents that have occurred recently in the region. A fortnight ago Israeli forces came across two suspects who were trying to climb the border fence from Egypt. Israeli soldiers opened fire at them, wounding one in the leg, while the other managed to successfully flee into Israel, but was later caught and arrested and is currently facing questioning.

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