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Thursday’s Israeli airstrikes on Gaza led to $3 million losses

Palestinian losses caused by the latest Israeli airstrikes which took place on Thursday night reached $3 million, statistics by the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce showed.

The Israeli warplanes struck ten targets along the Gaza Strip, injuring a child and 30 year old man. The airstrikes also caused serious damage in the factories and shops hit by the F16 rockets.

Jewellery shops, car paints shops and a washing machines factory were targeted in the strikes. A number of farms and Hamas bases were also targeted.

According to the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, the continuous targeting of factories, shops and farmlands doubles the losses. Direct losses were estimated at $3million, but indirect and long-term losses amount to over than $10 million.

“Israeli attacks, mainly on farmlands, undermine the ability of the local producers to fulfil the needs of residents in the Gaza Strip, which has been living under a strict Israeli siege,” spokesman of the Chamber of Commerce said.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad

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