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US: Trial of 529 Egyptians in two days defies logic

The United States expressed shock yesterday at the Egyptian court's ruling of death sentences against 529 members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood saying the trial, which lasted for only two sessions, defies logic.

US State Department spokeswoman; Marie Harf told reporters: "We're certainly raising it with the Egyptian government… it's a pretty shocking number. It defies logic that over 529 defendants could be tried in a two-day period in accordance with international standards."

Harf said the United States values its relations with Egypt and "we don't want to completely cut off the relationship.

"There have been a number of politically motivated arrests and convictions and detentions in Egypt since July, and that that has been very disturbing. And it's a trend we are worried about, it's a trend we don't want to see continue and we'll keep working with the interim government to see if we can make some progress."

Meanwhile Washington expressed its concern over the campaign waged by the army-backed government against Islamists and liberals during which thousands were killed and imprisoned.

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