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Egypt: Activists to hold referendum on ‘roadmap’ coinciding with presidential elections

A number of Egyptian activists and movements announced they would hold a referendum on the army-backed roadmap and parallel elections coinciding with the upcoming presidential elections slated for May 26-27.

A former member of Tamarod movement Ghada Mohamed Naguib said that a number of “revolutionary forces” will hold a referendum on the so-called June 30 roadmap announced by Al-Sisi last July 3. She pointed out that “revolutionary movements” do not recognize the upcoming presidential elections, including April 6 Youth Movement, Revolutionary Socialists and others.

Naguib said in press statements that the roadmap announced by then Minister of Defence Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi was not in line with the prior agreement they had with the military council, which included early presidential elections and the appointment of a presidential committee that would take charge of running the country without involving the army in politics.

A member of April 6 group Mohamed Abdullah said that activists will announce soon the opening of unofficial headquarters for their campaign. He also pointed out that coordination with activists abroad is underway, though “unofficially.”

Abdullah added that Al-Sisi “betrayed the revolution and its principles” by his roadmap. Leading member of the Anti-Coup Alliance Magdy Korkor said that the alliance welcomes any coordination with revolutionary forces, and described the initiative as an “excellent one that reflects the dissatisfaction with the provisions of the roadmap.”

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