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Ethiopia completes 32% of Grand Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia has completed construction of 32 per cent of its Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and is “prepared for any confrontation with the Egyptian government”, the country’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said yesterday.

Desalegn criticised what he described “the Egyptian attempts to obstruct constructing the dam” noting that “Egypt seeks to internationalise the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” and stressed that his country was ready to “contain the Egyptian attempts”.

The premier told lawmakers in Addis Ababa that his country is “ready to face all the options and possibilities” while played down “the Egyptian campaign’s ability to intimidate countries in the north and east of the region against the Renaissance Dam”.

He said: “Ethiopia is a central state and its strategic projects will not be affected by the Egyptian government or any other state’s attempts.”

Desalegn concluded saying: “The Egyptian government’s threats to address the Renaissance Dam project before the UN Security Council will not intimidate the Ethiopians. The government have completed all preparations to enter into any confrontations the Egyptian government chooses.”

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