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Prominent Egyptian politicians sign Brussels Declaration

May 8, 2014 at 2:14 pm

A number of leading Egyptian opposition figures announced in a press conference Wednesday evening at the Press Club in Brussels what they called the “Brussels Declaration” for the restoration of the January 25 revolution which toppled Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

The press conference was held at the Belgian capital Brussels.

The Brussels Declaration, according to its founding statement, aims at restoring the democratic path spearheaded by the January 25 revolution. According to Tharwat Nafee, a signatory to the declaration, It includes 10 principles “that build on the struggle of revolutionary movements since January 25 till now, seeking to declare a comprehensive political project for the post-coup phase with the objective of removing the despotic military regime.”

The declaration stipulates that “everyone will be allowed to take part in managing a successful transitional phase, based on sound, strong and consensual pillars in accordance with a timetable appropriate for each phase.” It also “paves the way for a participatory phase on the political, societal and popular levels, where all Egyptians are united.”

The declaration emphasized on “participatory pluralism” and “consensus”. It also stressed that the army should “go back to its barracks” and that “a strategy for reconciliation” is required for the transitional phase.

During the press conference, Mohamed Mahsob, Al-Wasat Party deputy leader and former minister of legislative affairs under Morsi, insisted that “the coup is still a coup, no matter what its leaders do.”

Liberal political figures Ayman Nour said in a phone speech from Lebanon: “It is high time to unite… This is a draft declaration that reflects the conscience of the Egyptian revolution, endorsed by Egyptian public figures, and open for everyone.”

Former investment minister under Morsi Yehia Hamed called for unity and said: “the pain is too deep for everyone, but Egypt’s interests should be higher than anything else.”

Hatem Azzam, Al-Wasat Party leading member, said in a phone speech that the Brussels Declaration founding group has set July 3 as a date for announcing “a political entity, based on the 10 principles, to bring down the coup.”

The signatories to the Brussels Declaration include: Al-Wasat Party vice president Mohamed Mahsoub, foreign relations spokesman of the Wasat Party Hatem Azzam, Al-Ghad Party founder Ayman Nour, former investment minister Yehia Hamed, Muslim Brotherhood official Mostafa Ibrahim, academic Tharwat Nafee, journalist and former vice president of Al-Dostour Party Wael Qandil and political activist and coordinator of Egyptians For Democracy movement Maha Azzam.