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Death sentences in Egypt

After the death sentences handed down to hundreds of Egyptians, we should not rush to issue a death sentence against the entire Egyptian judicial system. There are still some honest judges in Egypt; some have run away but others have stayed behind.

The honest amongst them represent part of the revolution that is crawling towards the palaces of tyrants and oppressors. They are the same judges who will be in charge of the trials of all those people who became leaders of the nation at a stormy political point in time. What the coup did was make a large section of the judiciary so close that it became part of it and is now responsible for the current state violence and injustice along with the generals.

Such corrupt judges are followers of deposed dictator Mubarak who had paved the way for the coup organisers to come through the exhausted system backed by a corrupt media, judicial system, business sector, police force and the army. These parties believed that democracy would signal the end of their grip on power so they united and collaborated with each other while hiding their crimes behind the judiciary. However, their secrets are well known to all those who can see.

The coup does not really need judicial rulings in order to carry out its crimes, which are barbaric, but it does rely on the silence of the international community or its collusion. Internally it relies on deceiving the crowd; it tries to hide its shame through this transparent cover, so it would look like a state or a ruling regime within a state.

Some judges refused to sell themselves to the coup or to any tyrants, and others woke up at the sight of the bloodshed by the army amid the mockery of the justice system –which they represent- by the coup authorities, especially after they’ve seen the people accused coming in front of them, from doctors to engineers to successful professors, to decent girls and boys who are as resilient as men. They realised what was happening a bit late, but they isolated themselves from the coup anyway.

In the shadow of a coup, it is a shame to talk about separation of authorities or respecting laws or protecting the principles upon which the country is based, or even taking care of the identity of the society that lives in this nation, as all of that blew away with that vicious statement on 3rd July last year. Those who did so did not mind the laws or respect the legislative or judicial authorities, and if they did so, it would have been self-contradiction. Those who destroy a house and break it down into stones cannot rebuild it from the rubble.

Tyrants cannot live with an impartial judge and oppressors cannot stay near judges who are not obedient to them. At the same time tyrants cannot be honest and cannot be frank, so it is difficult for them to leave the justice system alone as it is the only side that can decorate their tyranny and market their wrongdoing as “acceptable”.

It is never too late for anyone to be guided rightly and such people as those behind the coup and in the corrupt judiciary need to be reminded of the Day of Judgement, because “God has wisdom in everything that takes place”.

Any analysis of the Egyptian coup will reveal that it is coming to an end of its own making; it is walking towards self-destruction based as it is on lies and deception. People may believe in it now but they won’t believe forever; if they can deceive some of the people, they can’t deceive all; thus, those who have been fooled will soon wake up to the deception.

Those standing against the coup are not a majority in terms of numbers, but they are the wise section of the nation. Those supporting the wrongdoing are either sinful people who have an interest in this corrupted system, or they are passive crowds who have been deceived by the loud voices of the coup.

The economic crisis is getting worse in Egypt. It is a problem for almost ninety million people and such a large population cannot depend on aid alone; it must produce, manufacture and farm, which seems almost impossible in light of the situation on the streets and the stupidity of the army. The crowds cannot live on promises but need a real living.

The coup has tightened its grip so its allies won’t run away. If it hadn’t, we would be hearing about the defection of ministers, journalists and businessmen as they flee overseas. Anyone thinking of doing so has been dealt with harshly. The coup exists within a tense atmosphere, acting with trembling hands, fearful hearts and apprehension from friends and foes alike.

On top of it all, the rampant injustice that affects all segments of society may lead to a material weakening of those oppressed, but the loss that is inflicted on the oppressors is much deeper and wider, especially when they see that their oppression has not weakened the oppressed but rather made them stronger. God’s destiny is chasing after the coup in every corner and it is paving the way towards ending it completely, and soon.

Translated from Al Jazeera net, May 2, 2014

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

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